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Welcome to!!

For anyone checking the site sorry for being down.
Minor tweaking needed but it should be fine now.

Online Gaming News: Great Servers still online.
COD talk


Server Information:

{BA}Public Base Assault:

{BA}Born Attackers II:
{BA} Public Ventrilo:
Port: 4226

Email us at:

Twitter: BornAttackers@bornattackers

Posted by JB on Monday, January 20 @ 05:49:18 MST (172 reads) (Online Gaming News | Score: 0)

On the PC side of things
All about maps.

On the PC Side of Things

From 402
April 14, 2008

We’re getting ready to announce official submission guidelines / location for the Community Map Contest. In the coming week or so we’re going to be letting you know where you can go to officially sign-up and submit your Custom Community Map on the PC. It will also have a list of all official prizing that the winning map will walk away with. We’ve secured some nice prizes so I’m anxious to get this thing kicked off and a winner announced.

I should also have some official news for you on the status of the potential map pack release on the PC along with the Community Map Contest news. So expect that news in the near future as well.

I know a lot of you use the IW forums to keep track of the contest as well as new maps being posted on there, and we’re aware it is currently down. The Activision server used to host our forums is having some problems and they’re working on getting it back up and running. Meanwhile we’ve been working on getting a new Infinity Ward website and dedicated forum  built which will replace our current one and become the source for all official news and activity. That’s several months down the road though, but just wanted to let you know something better (forum wise) is in the works.

You can chat about his comments here

Posted by JB on Sunday, April 20 @ 11:01:33 MDT (1775 reads) (Score: 0)

Map Converter

KV Map Converter v2 Beta2 released Using this new version of my Map Converter you can easily convert the geometry from nearly all Source-Engine maps to Call of Duty 4 maps! (eg. CS:S, HL2, HL2DM, DOD:S, ...)

The tool comes with a detailed tutorial: From extracting CSS maps to the conversion to the import into the Radiant.

The interface is available in English, German and Netherlands; the tutorial in English and German.

Read the full story and the change log here.
You can get the file here.

Just had to throw this out there. Looks like a pretty cool mapping utility.


Posted by JB on Wednesday, April 09 @ 19:14:43 MDT (2174 reads) (Score: 0)

402 Patch News
All about maps.

PC Patch News

From the blog of FourZeroTwo
"On the PC side of things the Patch is in queue to finish internal QA for release. The Community Mapping Content has come to an end and we’ll be putting out an open call for all the maps you guys have created to be submitted as well as releasing details on the prizing and how the winning maps may be showing up. We have some awesome prizing I’m anxious to finalize and announce to you guys. I’ve been keeping tabs on the Beta / Released maps in the Mapping forums on and there are some great ones."

Read the full blog at the link above, I'm sure glad we're in there somewhere.

Posted by JB on Sunday, April 06 @ 17:05:00 MDT (1848 reads) (Score: 0)

USO's weekly public events
COD talk

2 full hours of Adult CoD4 combat every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:


Friday Night Server - hosted by 3/77 Bravo Company

Visit for Ventrilo i.p. and password

  • *|3/77 Bravo Recruiting-Public]AWE4 beta|*
  • Server I.P:
  • Gametype: TDM (Hardcore)
  • Gametime: Fridays at 9pm-11pm EST USA
  • Timelimit: 20 minute matches
  • Map rotation: ? (Custom)
  • Mod: AWE4 v1.2 (UPDATED) from V1.0 (no red hit blips)
  • Player slots: 36
  • PB: Streaming to PB BANS HUB
  • Version: 1.5

Saturday Night Server - hosted by The Breakfast Club

Visit for voice server info

  • .:{TBC}:.Hardcore
  • Server I.P:
  • Gametype: TDM (Hardcore)
  • Gametime: Saturdays at 6pm-8pm EST USA
  • Timelimit: 20 minute matches
  • Map rotation: ? (All Stock)
  • Player slots: 20
  • PB: Streaming to PB BANS HUB
  • Version: 1.5

Sunday Night Server - hosted by The Beergut Brigade

Visit for Ventrilo i.p. and password

  • .:{BgB} Ancient Angry Vetrans
  • Server I.P:
  • Gametype: (Mixed)
  • Gametime: Sundays at 7pm-9pm EST USA
  • Timelimit: 15 minute matches
  • Map rotation: ? (Mixed)
  • Mod: ACE MOD
  • Mod Note: No Marty or Laststand, P90 and Desert Eagle set at 50% damage
  • Special Server Rules: No Bunny Hopping or Desert Eagle Sniping
  • Player slots: 20
  • PB: Streaming to PB BANS HUB and Punksbusted
  • Version: 1.5

The CoD4 ADULT CLAN COOPERATIVE invites you to seek us out this weekend!

As you can see, we offer a little bit of everything for all of you mature CoD4 connoisseurs.

Our servers are always fun, always cheat free, and always run by adults for adults.

Lock and load and become a regular at the USO today!

Posted by JB on Wednesday, March 26 @ 19:05:42 MDT (1778 reads) (Score: 0)

News from ModTheater on map pack.
Online Gaming News


Gameplay Footage from Call of Duty 4 Map Pack

More news regarding the up and coming map pack (just a tad better I think)

Call Of Duty | Mar 19, 2008 - 9:56 PM By tgillespie
Video from the four maps Infinity Ward plans to release for Call of Duty 4 have been released on the web. Head on over to comrade Pruitt's site to check out the other three videos. Warning. Videos are loud. Turn down speakers. More details on upcoming releases.
      • Game of Year Edition on April 3, 2008
      • GoYE includes token for map pack
      • 800MS points ($10) to download for Xbox 360
      • Rumor mill says PC will get maps for free (PC 1, Xbox 0)

Check out the video and drop a line or two here:
You'll need to scroll down a bit to get to the story and video.
Or you can click the title at the top to go right to the posting.

Posted by JB on Tuesday, March 25 @ 18:50:15 MDT (1928 reads) (Score: 0)

Filefront on map pack release
Online Gaming News



Infinity Ward Chimes in

on Upcoming Call of Duty 4

Map Pack Console and

PC Releases

News from FileFront
Posted by Jonathan on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at 1:45 am under Sony, Games Industry, Call of Duty, Microsoft, Game Consoles, Game Platforms, Games, Computer, Game Companies

    Infinity Ward has revealed a few new details about the upcoming Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4. The map pack has just been sent off to Microsoft for certification, and should be released on Xbox Live on April 3rd or 4th. PS3 owners should be getting the DLC about 3 weeks later, and as for PC users, well:

    Right now plans for the PC version are unannounced but we are working to bring PC users the same content in the future, however logistics are being worked out on how to make that happen.

    Oh yay, once again us PC gamers are being left out in the cold for much longer than everyone else. Let’s just hope that “logisitics” doesn’t translate to “paying for stuff that other people have had for over a month.”

Here's the article and you can comment as well:

Posted by JB on Tuesday, March 25 @ 04:22:57 MDT (1787 reads) (Score: 0)

Gamespot news COD4 GOTY
Online Gaming News


Call Of Duty 4

Game Of The Year

edition confirmed for US

News from

Rerelease of Activision and Infinity Ward's lionized FPS ships out to retail on April 3 for the Xbox 360; Variety Map Pack adding four new multiplayer maps packed in or $10 on XBL.
By Tom Magrino, GameSpot
Posted Mar 19, 2008 5:37 pm PT

Ever since its initial deployment during the first part of November, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Activision and Infinity Ward has been peerless in the sales charts, wresting control of the top slot away from Microsoft and Bungie's Halo 3 and never looking back. With Activision claiming the crown of best-selling game of 2007 for COD4, the publisher will be stop-lossing the modern-day shooter for another tour with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition, scheduled for release for the Xbox 360 on April 3.

I know most of us don't care about the XBox version but what the hey, the news about the sales records was worth it.

You can find the rest of the story


Posted by JB on Sunday, March 23 @ 10:21:51 MDT (1948 reads) (Score: 0)

RGN Call of Duty 4 Gaming Servers
All about maps.

The COD4 SERVERS -Now with
AWE 4 on our Custom Server!:


Server #1 Semper Fi Ranked

  • IP:
  • Location: USA, Florida, on Atlanta Backbone
  • Slots: 32 - 2 crew
  • GameStyle: RANKED - All gametypes in rotation
  • Mode: HARDCORE
  • Maps: All
  • CoD4 VOIP: Full time
  • Punkbuster: Enabled
  • Vote: Enabled
  • Friendly Fire: On - Reflective
  • Music: OFF
Server #2 Semper Fi AWE 4 Custom

  • IP:
  • Location: USA, Florida, on Atlanta Backbone
  • Slots: 32 - 2 crew
  • GameStyle: CUSTOM - All gametypes in rotation
  • Mode: HARDCORE - AWE 4
  • Maps: All
  • CoD4 VOIP: Full time
  • Punkbuster: Enabled
  • Anti-Lag: Disabled
  • Vote: Disabled
  • Friendly Fire: On - Reflective
  • Music: OFF
Server #3 Semper Fi II Ranked

  • IP:
  • Location: USA, New York City, NY
  • Slots: 32 - 2 crew
  • GameStyle: RANKED - All gametypes in rotation
  • Mode: HARDCORE
  • Maps: All
  • CoD4 VOIP: Full time
  • Punkbuster: Enabled
  • Vote: Enabled
  • Friendly Fire: On - Reflective
  • Music: OFF

We invite you to join the fun in our fully updated 24/7 Hardcore servers. We have friendly lag free, low ping, hardcore Call of Duty 4 servers running full time. Tally has done AWE 4 for CoD4 and its GREAT thus far. Of course, its only the beginning.

Our servers are considered among the top 40 of friendly CoD4 Servers for users of all ages. Our staff is comprised of mature, experienced Admins dedicated to helping ensure joining our CoD4 servers is a pleasant, rewarding experience. Our servers run 24 hours a day. Admins are usually on to assist players and ensure fair play. We look forward to seeing you in the RGN Servers! Put the RGN Servers in your favorites list today!

In addition to our RGN Servers, we maintain an excellent RGN Support Forum to further help, advise and support our players and members. Join Today!

Keep track of your stats and all the active Call of Duty 4 Servers using the RGN Stats Page.

RGN Servers, hardware and facilities are wholly owned and maintained by RGN for your gaming pleasure and support free of charge.

The RGN AWE4 v1.2 Custom Map Ranked Hardcore Server currently runs the following latest custom maps in rotation.

  1. mp_karkand_day
  2. mp_balarda
  3. mp_fruville
  4. mp_dawn_beta2
  5. mp_heavensource
  6. mp_dhc_carentan
  7. mp_backlot_2
  8. mp_village
  9. mp_sharqi_day
  10. mp_karkand_night
  11. mp_pk_harbor
  12. mp_qmx_matmata
  13. mp_subway
  14. mp_backlot_night
  15. mp_matroska
  16. mp_forb1
  17. mp_village_night
  18. mp_offices_v3
  19. mp_vok
  20. mp_sharqi_night
  21. mp_bunkermayhem
  22. mp_ava_assault
All the custom maps play extremely well and provide matchless challenges and fun for everyone.

Don't believe me??

Jump in and discover the RGN AWE4 v1.2 Custom Map Ranked Hardcore Server for yourself!

Posted by JB on Saturday, February 23 @ 07:27:42 MST (1935 reads) (Score: 0)

HoB Domination for CoD4/MW
COD talk

Heat of Battle,
the ORIGINAL Domination for CoD

Public Beta Release!

Heat of Battle, the ORIGINAL Domination game type for Call of Duty announces the release of the beta for COD4:MW.
Visit for more information!

Heat of Battle Beta Features
· Control points require multiple teammates to capture, encouraging team play and squad tactics.
· The number of teammates required changes dynamically as the server population changes
· The round ends upon the capture of all objectives- a real war isn’t won or lost on points, it is won by accomplishing the mission.
· Health regeneration removed, encouraging tactical play
· Team members spawn in waves, encouraging team play
· No Crosshairs
· Players will be able to build their ranks and use perks as in standard Call of Duty 4 (all players will start at rank 1 in the mod)

future features
· Exploring the options for static spawns and spawn protections
·Custom designed maps, specifically built for Heat of Battle Play
·Tweaking perks to build a realistic game type that continues to be an enjoyable experience for all players
·Tweaking rewards (UAV, Airstrikes, Choppers) to best fit within the mod
·Classic HOB features that players have come to love - dropped gun when hit in the hand, fall to prone when hit in the leg
· And much More!

Basic History

Heat of Battle (HoB) first reared it's head just before Christmas 2003, and was the very first total conversion mod for CoD,
bringing with it many innovative ideas. Many of those ideas have now not just been incorporated into other mods,
but also into the game itself. Since the first release, HoB has evolved and taken on new dimensions, with added
gameplay and built-in admin functionality, even being converted to work with the Call of Duty expansion pack,
United Offensive. Now we are preparing to launch HoB4:MW after a succesful alpha test just last weekend. What we are
doing is taking the Domination gametype (which is essentially the same as the original HoB) and adding to it. For now,
we have made very basic changes to encourage teamplay. Instead of being able to to capture a control point on your
own, you will require at least one teammate to assist you. This will NOT speed up the capturing, and it means that other
teammates will have to be around to offer protecton to those capturing. This will have the intial affect of slowing down
the gameplay a bit, making it more tactical than before. As more players join the server, the number of players required
to be in the capture zone to cap the location will increase, and an icon will appear at the zone when you enter it, telling
you how many players are needed. Unlike Domination, when all zones are captured by one team the round will end, and
they will be declared the winners of that round. Next weekend (16th/17th February), we alpha test again and if
successful, will be launching a beta version.

Posted by JB on Wednesday, February 13 @ 18:03:40 MST (1997 reads) (Score: 0)

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Maps-n-Mods CoD4 Maps
CoD4 Summary:
Total Files: 390
Total Downloads: 28178

Latest Downloads
· 1: Jordan 1.1
[Hits: 76]

· 2: Desert Ghost Town 1.3
[Hits: 86]

· 3: FR Ghillies Hell
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· 4: FR Spetz Camp Beta
[Hits: 38]

· 5: Ammo Dawnville
[Hits: 65]

· 6: After Tchernobyl
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· 7: Eisberg Uboats
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[Hits: 64]

· 9: TIT's Warehouse
[Hits: 41]

· 10: Woodrr
[Hits: 29]

· 11: Yard
[Hits: 46]

· 12: Pow Camp
[Hits: 67]

· 13: Pripyat
[Hits: 56]

· 14: Sablier
[Hits: 33]

· 15: Frontier
[Hits: 145]

Maps-n-Mods CoD4 Mods
CoD4 Mod Summary:
Total Files: 12
Total Downloads: 3190

Latest Downloads
· 1: ACE 1.8c (All 4 languages)
[Hits: 386]

· 2: AWE 1.3 Red Hits
[Hits: 66]

· 3: AWE 1.3 No Red Hit
[Hits: 85]

· 4: eXtreme+ Sniper Mod v1.1
[Hits: 224]

· 5: AWE 4 v1.2
[Hits: 205]

· 6: No Gun Sway Fix
[Hits: 146]

· 7: Sniper Fix
[Hits: 262]

· 8: Sniper Mod
[Hits: 520]

· 9: AWE 4 V1.1
[Hits: 214]

· 10: ACE Mod 1.5
[Hits: 451]

· 11: eXtreme Warfare V1.0 (Client)
[Hits: 303]

· 12: eXtreme Warfare V1.0 (Server)
[Hits: 328]

Maps-n-Mods CoD2 Maps
CoD2 Summary:
Total Files: 516
Total Downloads: 70988

Latest Downloads
· 1: King of Queens
[Hits: 135]

· 2: mto kansas night
[Hits: 64]

· 3: mto clanfight final
[Hits: 67]

· 4: btw cordoba
[Hits: 115]

· 5: andees asylum
[Hits: 80]

· 6: hurtgenforest
[Hits: 121]

· 7: eaglegorge
[Hits: 100]

· 8: endor
[Hits: 73]

· 9: tlotd
[Hits: 75]

· 10: stfu
[Hits: 54]

· 11: pstww1trenches
[Hits: 50]

· 12: soo
[Hits: 58]

· 13: maaloy
[Hits: 72]

· 14: depot winter
[Hits: 82]

· 15: mto stalag17
[Hits: 68]

Maps-n-Mods CoD2 Mods
CoD2 Mod Summary:
Total Files: 29
Total Downloads: 13251

Latest Downloads
· 1: Extreme 2.1
[Hits: 407]

· 2: Merciless 2
[Hits: 589]

· 3: Vehicles For COD2
[Hits: 660]

· 4: NofX Mod Version 1.2 (CoD2)
[Hits: 245]

· 5: Cook off (Hold) CoD2
[Hits: 289]

· 6: LAR V3n SR Mod
[Hits: 270]

· 7: =TkB= Panza Shrek Pistols (CoD2)
[Hits: 413]

· 8: Full Metal Jacket Taunt Mod
[Hits: 653]

· 9: TkB Mod Ver. 1.0 (CoD2)
[Hits: 209]

· 10: TkB No Mercy Weapon's Mod Ver1.0 (CoD20
[Hits: 313]

· 11: Gewehr Scoped (CoD2)
[Hits: 330]

· 12: Grenade Cookoff CoD2
[Hits: 337]

· 13: Scoped Gewehr from FuZo (CoD2)
[Hits: 305]

· 14: URG Mod CoD2 (Final)
[Hits: 385]

· 15: BuckDich's Thompson (CoD2)
[Hits: 335]

Maps-n-Mods CoD Maps
CoD Summary:
Total Files: 1349
Total Downloads: 490667

Latest Downloads
· 1: Caen France
[Hits: 57]

· 2: Dome
[Hits: 44]

· 3: Hell's Gate (Final)
[Hits: 248]

· 4: redsky
[Hits: 111]

· 5: dec 07
[Hits: 99]

· 6: hotchkiss
[Hits: 146]

· 7: warehouse 2
[Hits: 170]

· 8: obersalzberg snipe
[Hits: 90]

· 9: bash arena v2
[Hits: 164]

· 10: bunkercourt2avsg
[Hits: 140]

· 11: elympics ctf arena2
[Hits: 158]

· 12: triberg ext
[Hits: 81]

· 13: Mortuary
[Hits: 151]

· 14: Ville de Sang
[Hits: 148]

· 15: Assen1940-1945
[Hits: 148]

Maps-n-Mods CoD Mods
CoD Mod Summary:
Total Files: 113
Total Downloads: 50995

Latest Downloads
· 1: MoVispeederbikes
[Hits: 107]

· 2: Modern Weapons for CODv1.1
[Hits: 590]

· 3: Dow Sound Pack v1
[Hits: 207]

· 4: Heat of Battle: United Offensive v2.0 .zip package (Linux/Windows/Mac)
[Hits: 220]

· 5: Knife Throwing Mod
[Hits: 465]

· 6: EFCs Elite Merciless Mod Addon
[Hits: 345]

· 7: UGG's Sound Mod
[Hits: 226]

· 8: WWII Sniper Mod (SP-CoD)
[Hits: 389]

· 9: PWM GCF Razor
[Hits: 183]

· 10: Voice Mod
[Hits: 377]

· 11: GFM Patch (Russian 'Thank you')
[Hits: 84]

· 12: Goldeneye Gun
[Hits: 276]

· 13: All Weapons Mod (CoD-UO)
[Hits: 1131]

· 14: Cook Off Hold V3
[Hits: 143]

· 15: Breaking 50 Mod V1.3
[Hits: 376]

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