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Online Gaming News: Great Servers still online.
COD talk


Server Information:

{BA}Public Base Assault:

{BA}Born Attackers II:
{BA} Public Ventrilo:
Port: 4226

Email us at:

Twitter: BornAttackers@bornattackers

Posted by JB on Monday, January 20 @ 05:49:18 MST (172 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: New CNQ map
All about maps.

New CNQ Map

New CNQ map for the Berlin MohSH Final map from the download section. This is an addon to the Berlin Final map so you will need that map and this addon, located -here- for the CNQ total conversion game.

Well done |OCG|=gLiTcH= for a nice job!


Posted by JB on Wednesday, June 23 @ 21:45:46 MDT (99 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: Heat of Battle patch release

New Heat Of Battle
client & server patch Released!!

Heat of Battle v0.32 has been released. This file is about 2MB in size and should fix a lot of issues with v0.31. Server admins who are interested in turning FF off, utilizing a map time limit, and want more control over the features on their servers should download this. We're hoping this will keep HoB stable enough to allow the team to work on all of the fantastic new features being planned for v0.4. See the changes and grab the Linux or Windows files, go -here- to get the latest version release for the Heat Of Battle (HOB) Mod.

Posted by JB on Tuesday, June 15 @ 01:14:06 MDT (95 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: Which mod do you prefer?
COD talk

New Poll!

With COD out now for awhile there are now gaming mods that are changing the way we play COD. Although there are more mods on the way I've picked three of the current ones to take a poll and see which ones you like to play if any. Below is a summary of the mods with links to their websites for browsing and to the right is the polling booth.

Conquest TDM

About Conquest TDM:
Conquest TDM is a server-side only mod that incorporates classic Conquest TDM with some of the objective aspects of other gametypes, resulting in a tug-of-war style TDM game that provides more intense and varied gameplay than regular TDM. Several objectives are located throughout the maps and each one must be taken in order from team spawn and forward. As objects are captured your team spawn point moves up. If you lose an object your spawn point drops back. Thus a nice game of tug of war can result as teams fight back and forth for each object. Conquest is a server-side only, meaning players do not need to download this mod to play it on your servers, and it can be used with sv_pure on. Playing Conquest TDM requires maps built to take advantage of this style of play and those maps will require a client download. Conquest does not work with the stock maps that ship with Call of Duty.
Link to the website: After-Hourz


About Revolt:
Revolt needs both a client side and server side mod in order to run. Revolt's concept is simple, modern day weapons in fictional events based on real places. Weapons are balanced to ensure an even playing field no matter the team. Scenarios designed to encourage team work and strategic positioning to complete an objective or series of objectives.
Link to the website: CodMod

Heat of Battle (HOB)

About Heat of Battle:
Heat of Battle also needs both client side and server side mods to run. Heat of Battle is a team oriented mod where custom maps are designed with objects throughout the map that need to be controlled. To control an object requires 2 or more team members ( the team part) to occupy the area around the object for a short period of time (defend it) and the game then announces which team and what players took control of which object. All objects are visible on the compass by team symbols as they are controlled or grey if still neutral. Once all objects are controlled by one team the round is over.
Link to the website: Heat of Battle


Posted by JB on Tuesday, May 18 @ 01:25:16 MDT (140 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: Map Pack

New HOB map pack

There is a new map pack out by the HOB Mod team. All
custom maps designed for the mod Heat of Battle.
Maps Included:

Get it here.


Posted by JB on Sunday, May 16 @ 01:03:54 MDT (99 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: Spear of Bellerophon Mod

The SOB Team is looking for
a few good men!!

We are looking to extend our team as we have upped the ante with our mod
Basically the mod is based on the 1st and 6th British Airborne from Normandy to Market Garden.
We need more modlers, mappers, and programmers to join our team and help with the work load, this is an extensive and highly ambitious mod.

If your interested in helping out, check out their forum post here


Posted by JB on Tuesday, April 06 @ 23:53:05 MDT (106 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: Map picture announcement

Please Read!
Made some map adjustments

As you might have noticed I've uploaded pictures for all the maps on the site (except one which is a single player map). To do that I had to run the map, most ran fine but I had problems with about a dozen of the maps. So I've removed those from the download section until I can either get upgrades that fix them or someone tells me what I did wrong :). The complete list of maps I took off are in the forum under Map discussions If you have a working copy of one of the maps please upload it for me so I can get it back up.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Check out Suburban Networks Web Hosting for
the most reasonable priced web hosting on the net.

Posted by JB on Sunday, March 28 @ 13:58:37 MST (103 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: New maps and Mods

Maps -n- Mods

We are now over 180 files for download. This includes:
24 Mods
139 Custom Maps, 2 brand new!
9 Utilities
We also have 4 custom map packs for clans sites that
requested them with the IP of their server listed.

Server stats (for those interested) are now:
624 MBs of files in storage
currently 2.3GB of data downloaded so far this month alone.

Wow, and I'm still looking for new maps! So drop me a line in the forum if you have a question or a comment on any of the files on site or if you would like to add some.
If you know of an excellent custom/stock server where the play is well organized post it in the forums.
If your server is changing its map rotation and you want to list the maps in rotation, or you just want to announce your server I've created a forum just for Game Server information. Feel free to post.
And finally, if you would like to be able to host a site just like this, it only costs $5.00 per month for this site as it sits right now. Check out Suburban Networks Web Hosting who sponsors this site. Their prices are unbelievably low!


Posted by JB on Saturday, March 13 @ 14:53:05 MST (110 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: New Gaming server

New Gaming Server

Announcing a new gaming server by the 949th.
Their 949th Public Server, running the new HOB v.3 is now active. IP is: Come and check it out and discover how well the 949th uses organized military tactics...

JIM (949th 1Lt. Stryker)

(North American Recruiting Officer)

Posted by JB on Thursday, March 11 @ 18:09:24 MST (102 reads) (Score: 0)

Online Gaming News: Latest updates
All about maps.

A New Map

We have another map in the downloads section, its the latest
map for Back Alley Brawl, version 2.
Also in the maps update section Bridges has moved up into second for the most popular download.


Posted by JB on Thursday, March 11 @ 07:21:33 MST (109 reads) (Score: 4)

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