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Map Converter

KV Map Converter v2 Beta2 released Using this new version of my Map Converter you can easily convert the geometry from nearly all Source-Engine maps to Call of Duty 4 maps! (eg. CS:S, HL2, HL2DM, DOD:S, ...)

The tool comes with a detailed tutorial: From extracting CSS maps to the conversion to the import into the Radiant.

The interface is available in English, German and Netherlands; the tutorial in English and German.

Read the full story and the change log here.
You can get the file here.

Just had to throw this out there. Looks like a pretty cool mapping utility.


Posted by JB on Wednesday, April 09 @ 19:14:43 MDT (2174 reads) (Score: 0)

CoD4 MW Mapping Tools

Call of Duty 4 Mod Tools Released!!

You can get it here


Posted by JB on Thursday, December 27 @ 16:40:19 MST (2434 reads) (Score: 0)

Merciless 2

Merciless Mod 2
for CoD2 Released!!

Merciless Mod v2.00 for COD2 Features now a new Class System.
There are 5 class choices available in version 2.0. Each class has a specific role on the battlefield.
Below are generalized descriptions. Each nationality has class names which are specific to their nation.

Solider, Sniper, Medic, Engineer and Support Gunner

The Class System is designed to allow much more Teamplay in Call of Duty 2, for Instands, a Soldier can
call up an Engineer to deactivated a Mine, a Medic to Heal him or a
Support Gunner to re-supply him with Ammunition.

There are also 5 new weapons (Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, Mobile MG42,Mobile CAL30,Scoped Gewehr43)
plus the 3 New Weapon from Merciless COD2 – v1.00 (Firegrenade, Gasgrenade, Sticky Bomb)

Gore & Splatter effects have been update too, including many Bug fixes!
It’s works in DM, TDM, S&D and CTF! HQ will follow Soon.

Get it HERE

Posted by JB on Wednesday, January 10 @ 13:48:19 MST (2252 reads) (Score: 4)

BFE going LIVE!!

Battle For Europe
Live Broadcasts!!

From Wednesday October 4th, Electronic Gaming Live Network will begin LIVE BROADCASTS of Battle for Europe Call of Duty 2 Battles This marks the coming together of two great sites, and promises to be a great launch of a wonderful partnership.
What is this you say? Well Battle for Europe is the largest Call of Duty 2 Tournament going on at this time. This involves Wednesday and Saturday Battles running a full twelve hours with two 14v14 battles going on. E-Sports Broadcasting will be there to cover the action, recording live feeds for all to watch direct from their website. Interviews, score updates and other features will be included along with the action and play-by-play commentary.

What does Battle for Europe have to offer?

Fight the Good Fight! At Battle for Europe: CoD, you can play CoD2 the way it was meant, full servers with teamwork and cooperation. Join Axis or Allied forces in 12-hour epic battles with up to 14 vs. 14 players on custom maps from some of the best CoD2 mappers around. The winner of each battle determines who controls various cities throughout our virtual Europe. Battle for Europe uses real military ranks, from various historically-based WW2 divisions.

"12 hour battles? I am not staying in a game that long!" Well you don't have to. Just leave the server anytime you want to and come back in anytime you want to. The time you spend at BFE is up to you; play as little or as often as you want.

We have our own TeamSpeak server, which is a free program used for audio communication in battle. A microphone isn't required but you do need to be on to hear orders from your superior officers.

How do you join BFE:COD? Simple, just go to and register. Battles are on Wednesday and Saturday from 4pm GMT / 11am EST to 5am GMT / 12pm EST, rotating between 3 maps every 2 hours.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

We thank you for taking the time to review this article and we hope to see you all soon.

Posted by JB on Wednesday, October 04 @ 06:03:09 MDT (2309 reads) (Score: 0)


Battle for Europe
First Week Concludes!

This week fighting kicked off in Battle for Europe, and so far things have been a tremendous success. Servers saw high activity during both the Wednesday and Saturday battles, with high attendance of both new and old players alike. Both sides fought extremely well, but at the end of the day Allied forces emerged victorious on Wednesday, while Axis troops won overall on Saturday. At the end of the week neither side has gained any ground, which means that anyone is up to take the initiative early on in this campaign.

Both sides have held organized practices (accessible to both European and North American players due to scheduling), going over various strategies for the upcoming battles hoping to hold a tactical advantage over the enemy. This campaign has seen a large influx of new faces as the community receives them with open arms.

The action will continue as the weeks unravel, finally answering the question over who will dominate the battlefield, winning this Battle for Europe. Will it be Allied troops under the command of CinC Raaravis? Or will Axis forces triumph under GFM. Corpski? The only people that will be able to decide this will be the troops, slugging it out for supremacy in intense battles!


Posted by JB on Wednesday, September 06 @ 12:02:53 MDT (2534 reads) (Score: 0)

Breaking Point Tournament
Announcing Brought to you by

Breaking Point: A CoD2 Tournament
Sponsored by Rabidservers, LeagueServers, and Bjust Real MOD

What is Breaking Point?
Breaking Point is an Axis vs Allied tournament where you fight in a 7-8 week campaign for Europe. Europe is divided into 20 Axis and 19 Allied territories and both sides battle each other each week until one side captures Europe. You can check out the maps on their site.

What's the Schedule?
Battles are 2 on Thursdays and 3 on Sundays which is 5 battles a week for a total of 32 battles in the campaign. After the campaign ends your free to continue to be loyal to your side or change sides in the next campaign.

Teamwork and Fun
Play is in realism form with officers and ranks for each side. This gives each side their own leaders and tactics which encourages teamwork and communication and leads to an experience unlike any you may have played in a regular public server. As your player gains in rank you will find yourself leading teams and counterattacking the opposing teams tactics. You decide how much or how little you want to play, but teamwork is encouraged to provide a fun experience for all players.

Teamspeak, Maps, Gametypes, and Weapons
Teamspeak is needed even if you don't have a mic because communication is key to playing in this tournament. We play many different maps, so play never gets boring. Play is in SD, CTF, and HQ gametypes to help keep war unpredictable. Weapon limits for each side influence your choices on the battlefield if you want to get the win.

Other Aspects of our Tournament
  • A Working mod made by Bjust Real Mods
  • Pick your side, fight with your friends!
  • Lots of Custom Maps
  • Friendly battle times (you won't be missing the battles because of school!)
  • All Skill levels welcome!
  • Very Friendly Community!

All CoD2 player who want to have a fun time in a tournament are encouraged to visit For more information or to sign up to participate, visit their forums.

Posted by JB on Wednesday, May 17 @ 15:20:27 MDT (1820 reads) (Score: 0)

Battle for Europe open for sign up.

Battle for Europe
Signup is now OPEN!

Posted by:Jabib

Below are some changes:

*New changes*
Further additions to main page strategy
Commando raids fully integrated
Other updated and enhance maplists
Increased number of officer ranks per division

*Other BFE notes*
- 11 hr battles
- 2 seperate maps
- 1 map per territory
- Battles are on Saturday's and Wednesday's
- 5 hrs 30 mins per half, 1 hr break then 5 hrs 30 mins for the rest
- 12 pm est to 12 am est
- 10-14 person servers, 3 servers used during battles
- Three allied divisions, american, british, and russian
- Three axis divisions, finnish, paratrooper, afrika corps
- Officers to help and guide you.

Battle the opposing armies for control of Europe!
  Teamplay without your 100 percent dedication. Come to as many 
battles and stay as long as you want or show up as little as you 
want, its your choice!
  If you are in a clan, you are allowed to leave a practice or battle 
to play a match or scrim, clans come first. Real life always comes 
first. Organized teamwork and play. Challenging opponents and 
skilled teammates. Help your army achieve victory and 
control of Europe.

This is NOT like CAL or TWL/OGL

Other tournaments by MFOTS LLC, 
(owner of BFE)

Battlefield 1942

Day of Defeat

Red Orchestra

Battlefield Vietnam

Joint Operations

Stop by Battle for Europe


Posted by JB on Friday, May 13 @ 17:39:05 MDT (1026 reads) (Score: 5)

New Maps-n-Mods Forum Posts.

New Releases Posts
at Maps-n-Mods

Posted by:JB

Forum update. For the past couple of months now each map or mod that has been uploaded, a topic is posted in the New Releases forum. Right now there are over 250 map topics currently in the forum. Most of those are among the last 200 maps or mods that have been uploaded. If you have a comment or a problem with any of the new releases or just want to get an idea if its even worth downloading, stop by. If you have a comment you'd like to add or your running the map on your server and would like others to know it, that's the place to go.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Posted by JB on Thursday, May 05 @ 20:32:49 MDT (768 reads) (Score: 5)

Revolt Final 1.0 Released

Is Released !!

Revolt has progressed into a cleaner, fuller rock solid stable 
conversion that fills out a full campaign.  The Lanclan development 
team has put countless hours into this game and present it to you 
free of charge.  We are a not for profit organization developing games 
we love to play.  We hope you share our gratification of what Revolt 
has become and invite you to join our quest for continuous 
improvement.  You can find us at, where we will be 
working on the next Revolt.  Thank you all for playing our conversion! 


Please see the Revolt Manual enclosed in this package or visit for all of Revolt's features with a detailed description.

Revolt changes:

Revolt has transformed from a shaky alpha to a solid total conversion final release in exactly 1 year. The final beta was released in December, 2004 and helped surface a lot of issues. We'd like to announce that everything the Revolt community and the beta team found has been addressed. The list stretches beyond 100, and are too many to list. Be assured this version is awesome! Besides fixes, we were able to add a substantial amount of new content that will add to the total experience of the game. We were very careful not to break anything with these additions and can only hope we caught everything this time. It's been an interesting road we've traveled and we were lucky to make so many friends. Thank you all for making our work come to life!


Need I say more?? Thank you all for Revolting with us!

Get your copy here.

Powered by LanClan. LanClan content and all that resides are property of LanClan. copyright LanClan 1999-2004

Posted by JB on Sunday, April 24 @ 18:41:34 MDT (860 reads) (Score: 0)

Breaking 50 Painball Mod

The Time has Arrived!
Breaking 50 Paintball Mod
is now available for download!!

Breaking 50 MOD Release News

Hey Everybody the time has arrived!

Breaking 50 Mod has 7 gametypes to choose from.

    * The game types are: B50DM (Death Match)
    * B50TDM (Team Death Match)
    * CP (Control Point)
    * CTI (Capture the Item)
    * OIC (One Item Capture)
    * TTE (Total Team Elimination)
    * TTI (Touch the Item)

    Breaking 50 Mod has 6 different guns to choose from: 
    * Angel
    * Spyder
    * JT
    * Piranha
    * 2 Tippmans the A5 and the Custom98

We will also be releasing 15+ Maps for your enjoyment.

Stop by our Forum for further discussions and some feed back. Thanks to all from The Breaking50 Mod Team Read more about it here. JB

Posted by JB on Saturday, April 23 @ 11:29:43 MDT (2269 reads) (Read More... | 3240 bytes more | Score: 4)

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· 4: Heat of Battle: United Offensive v2.0 .zip package (Linux/Windows/Mac)
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